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Clements Jr. Stampede Royalty

Congratulations to our 2020/2021 Queens...

Delaney Grace, Miss Clements Jr. Stampede!

Tennessee Burns, Little Miss Clements Jr. Stampede!

2020/2021 Queens

Left: Miss Rodeo California, Morgan Laughlin
Middle: Miss Clements Jr. Stampede, Delaney Grace
Right: Little Miss Clements Jr. Stampede, Tennessee Burns

Thank you so much to our Sponsors! We cannot do these events without you!
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Mars Horsecare
Catherine & Richard Harman / Triple H Ranch
Brooke Wallace, Miss Rodeo USA 2020
CCR Ponchy Wildrags
Denise Laughlin
Stevi Hilman
Elk Grove Milling
Sara Parker
Unique Cowgirl
Roy Yates Livestock
Trinity Karschner
Megan Klein
Andrew Johnson
Magic's Customized Tack
Price Ford of Turlock
Lily Ulrich
Deborah Ward-Crummey
Jason Ruckteschler
Hold It!
Quarter Moon Cattle Company
Judie Kavanaugh
RM Leather Design
Whitney and Spencer Mitchell
Brooke Magnan
Tyler Pitto Photography
Missi Giorgi
Queen CB Tumblers
Dr. Amy Wright
Erin and Kyndal Castle
Desert Jane Accessories
Slash N Cattle Company
Hannah Castenada
My Mechanic

Past Queens:
2019 Miss Clements Jr. Stampede
Hannah Castenada
    2019 Little Miss Clements Jr. Stampede
Lily Ulrich
2019 Queen Hannah Castenada   2019 Little Miss Clements Jr Stampede, Lily Ulrich
2018 Queens     2017 Queens
2018 Queens     2017 Queens
Queen applications will be accepted again in early 2022.

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