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QUAD RACES ENTRY INFO!! November 20, 2021

quad racer

$25 Pre-entries close day before race. $40 to enter on 11/20/21. (download the flyer) Admission is now free for anyone to watch!

Step 1: Download the entry form & waiver, complete it and return it to us.

Step 2: Pay on-line for your entry using the CONTESTANT ENTRY button below:

Cost: $25 pre-entry, or $40 for 'day of' entries. Each entry includes a FREE Quad Races T-shirt!
Entrants will receive a Quad Race ticket voucher. Take your ticket voucher to pick up your FREE t-shirt at the red/white/blue T-shirt booth at the event.

Events Offered: Cloverleaf Barrel Racing, Ribbon Grab, and Drag Racing (last man standing, tournament style, 2 at a time).

Categories: Stock/Ranch Quads or Modified/Racing Quads

Divisions: Junior (8-15 years old), Open, and Senior (55+)

There will be a Patriotic Costume Contest in the arena to open the events. Decorate yourself and your quad in a patriotic manner. Entrants are encouraged to participate (free to enter at the time). $50 cash to the winner, and $25 cash to second place. Winners selected by the audience.


1) Download the Entry Form & Waiver.

2) Complete and sign the entry form & waiver.

3) Scan or take a picture of the completed forms. Follow the directions on the entry form for submission (or walk it in to us).

4) Pay for your entry using the on-line link above (or pay cash if you walk them in).

When your Entry Form & Waiver are received and payment is completed, you are officially entered! If paying on-line, you will receive a 'You Are Entered' Ticket Voucher and Invoice via email. This is your proof of payment and is also used to pick up your free t-shirt at the event. Click here to see the t-shirt.

Issues with this process? Email and we will help you!



Patriotic Costume Contest - This is a free event run before the main 3 events. Costumed riders/quads will be paraded in the arena in front of the audience. Cash awards will be paid to the top 2 winners based on audience response to how well you and your quad are 'costumed' in a patriotic manner.

Cloverleaf Barrel Race - Navigate around 3 barrels in a cloverleaf pattern. Option 1: Run one right turn, then two left turns around the barrels. Option 2: Run one left turn, then two right turns around the barrels. Riders will run the event one at a time against an electronic timer. Time starts and stops when you cross the timer line. Winners based on times.

Ribbon Grab - Navigate around a course where you will grab as you go a red streamer, a white streamer and a blue streamer, and return across the finish line with all 3 streamers. Lose a streamer? You must go back and get it. You must return with all 3 streamers for a successful and qualifying ride. Riders will run the event one at a time against an electronic timer. Time starts and stops when you cross the timer line. Winners based on times.

Drag Race - Straight line sprint 150'-200' across the finish line at the other end of the arena. Two riders compete at a time from a standstill behind the timing line. Losing rider is out. Winning rider moves on to compete in the next heat, and continues to run heats until either losing or the race is over. This is a tournament style, last man standing type event. Two false starts in a heat will result in disqualification. Drag race winners will be determined by the first rider to cross the finish line in each heat. Judges will be placed at the Drag race finish line to determine winners. Videos may be used to determine winners of each Drag race.

Event order will be determined the day of the event.

10 seconds will be added per downed obstacle.

Hitting a timer, hitting an arena worker or overturning your quad will result in disqualification from that event.

Must compete in all 3 events to be eligible for the All Around Champion high point buckle. Buckles will be given out regardless of competition counts.

Questions? Email us at



1. Quad races will take place inside the Clements Buckaroos main dirt rodeo arena at 19813 E. Hwy 88, Clements, CA 95227. Gates (both front and back) open at 1 pm. Check-in starts at 2 pm.

2. There is plenty of parking for rigs. Entrant rigs are encouraged to park behind the arena, with spectator parking in front of the main arena.

3. Anyone parking in the main parking area outside the arena must face towards or away from the arena. No parking sideways.

4. Hook-ups are limited, first come, first serve. Hook-ups are $20 per day.

5. Email queries prior to the date of event to 'Day of' queries will be addressed on-site, or via email after the event.

6. There will be plenty of delicious, fresh cooked food and drinks available for purchase from Two Buddies BBQ at the cook shack.

7. Main restrooms are on the hillside, with porta-potties outside the warm-up arena.

8. Riders may arrive at the grounds with their quads anytime Saturday after 1 pm. The races will start promptly at 4 pm.

9. Contestant rigs may enter the facility through the top or bottom gates.



1. Riders must be at least 8 years of age on the date of the event to compete. Riders under the age of 18 years must have their entry form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

2. Riders must wear helmets.

3. Rider Category (Stock/Ranch or Modified/Racing) may be adjusted for a rider based on the rider's specific ATV specifications/attributes. The rider will be notified if this occurs.

4. An order of run will be provided. Riders need to be at the gate and ready to ride when called. If not, a 20 second call will be given. Failure to be ready to ride by the end of the 20 seconds will result in disqualification from that event.

5. Riders are expected to display good sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification from an event.

6. Riders shall not consume any alcoholic beverages prior to or during competition hours. Alcohol beverages are expressly prohibited in the contestant area during the event.

7. Points will be accumulated to 10th place in each event/category/division. 1st place will receive 11 points, 2nd place = 9 points, 3rd place = 8 points, 4th place = 7 points, 5th place = 6 points, 6th place = 5 points, 7th place = 4 points, 8th place = 3 points, 9th place = 2 points, 10th place = 1 point. Quad Race Silver Buckles will be awarded to the High Point All Around Champion in each of 6 categories/divisions at the end of the event (see buckle photo below, and yes they are Beautiful!). High Point ties will be decided by the rider with the highest placings, e.g., rider with the most first places, then second places, etc. Still tied? A timed run-off may be called to determine the high point winner, best time wins, event to be determined.

8. The Quad Races are a fundraiser for the Clements Buckaroos, Inc. organization. This is intended to be a show where everyone can bring their quads for an evening of fun and competition for the 6 All Around Champion high point silver buckles. With your support, we are hoping to turn this into a yearly show.

2021 All Around Champion Buckle

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